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Thursday, April 14, 2016

Although you don’t see it, the system at the very base of your home that provides drainage to your foundation plays a critical role in keeping your basement dry.  Form-A-Drain® foundation drainage is the highest quality, most innovative
system on the market today.

The Form-A-Drain form outlines the footing, a strip of concrete that defines the basement perimeter and upon which the
basement walls rest. Because it’s installed before the footing is poured and stays in place permanently, the Form-A-Drain system is always in the optimum position—right up against the side of the footing and level with its top—to provide superior drainage, either to a sump pit or away from the house.

The Form-A-Drain combination forms are uniquely designed and they enclose the entire perimeter of the foundation allowing it to be adapted for use as part of a radon venting system where needed. This avoids the need to drill holes in
your new walls and floors after the house has been built.

You don’t see the Form-A-Drain system once your new home is complete, but knowing it’s there, helping to keep you and
your family dry and comfortable, is a good feeling.

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