Go Green

At Accurate Development we are committed to green building because of the many benefits it provides to both our homeowners and the environment. Green building has many different applications that all totaled, make for a quality home and a sustainable environment. Our commitment to green building includes the employment of: responsible land development, the use of recycled materials, the use of responsibly harvested materials, recycling of construction waste and the use of products and materials which result in energy efficient homes with cleaner indoor air quality.


Responsible Land Development

When we begin the development of any Accurate Development neighborhood, we look at the existing natural features that we can preserve and try to improve upon any land that has been abused by farming or erosion. When our grading contractor arrives on the site, his first step is to remove and stockpile the nutrient-rich topsoil so we can re-spread it on the lawn area of each home just before the sod is installed, thereby reducing the future need for fertilizer.

During the ground development stage, we take great measures to ensure there is virtually no soil erosion from our development into nearby streams or natural waterways. Very early in the development stage we plant an abundance of trees in the neighborhood. In addition to the many benefits that trees provide, this is important to the overall look and feel of the neighborhood.


Recycled Materials and Responsibly Harvested Materials

Every material used in the construction of an Accurate Development home is carefully selected while considering both the homeowner and the environment.  Shaw carpeting and Dow foam board are just a few examples of the products we use that are made almost entirely of recycled materials. Responsible harvesting of materials is possibly one of the most important recent advancements of the building trade. Old growth forests are no longer cut for lumber. That practice has been replaced by the use of engineered wood such as TJI joist systems, oriented strand board, laminated beams and prefabricated roof trusses, which all come from renewable timber sources.


Recycling of Construction Waste

Accurate Development's trade partner for the removal and disposal of construction waste is Waste Management. Waste Management was chosen not because they are the least expensive alternative, but because 90% of the construction waste that Waste Management removes from our construction sites is recycled.


Energy Efficient Homes

Accurate Development's strong commitment to energy efficiency produces a home that surpasses Energy Star standards by 15 to 20%. Every home we build has a HERS (Home Energy Rating System) test completed. The products and materials which we use are carefully selected in order to achieve such a high energy efficiency rating and include: 92+% efficient furnaces, 14 SEER air conditioners, power vent water heaters, energy star kitchen appliances, Low-E argon filled glass in all windows and doors, programmable thermostats, sealed ductwork, R-42 attic insulation and R-19 composite wall insulation. Our craftsmen take great pride in implementing these materials into each energy efficient home.


Indoor Air Quality

Great care is taken to ensure clean indoor air quality in every Accurate Development home. Formaldehyde free cabinets are used along with non-toxic wall finishes. The Honeywell F100 Media air cleaner which meets American Lung Association Health House guidelines is also used in every Accurate Development home.